Houston Real Estate Market


Real Estate in Houston

The Houston housing market entered 2020 off of a momentous record-breaking run the previous year.

2019’s single-family home sales surpassed the previous year’s record volume by almost 5%. Main drivers include:

  • low mortgage interest rates

  • healthy employment growth

  • stable supply of homes


Job growth is the leading indicator of real estate stability. In 2019, over 92,000 people (about 250 each day) moved to Houston because:

  • 1 in 3 manufacturers in Texas are located in Houston

  • We’re ranked as the #1 seaport in North America

  • Houston is home to over 500 tech companies

  • Our city has the largest medical facility with over 360,000 healthcare professionals

  • Houston has the 4th highest # of Fortune 500 companies

  • 35% of publicly traded oil and gas companies are located in Houston